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The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc.- (New Orleans) with the support of Corporate Sponsors, and Community Partners have successfully accomplished its mission for the past 33 years by exposing thousands of students of every age group and ethnic background throughout america to Louisiana's rich cultural heritage. Our award winning educational programs

The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc., wish to thank you in advance for your generous contribution and support. All donations collected go towards funding our Jazz Education Outreach Programs.


The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. is a Civic, Non Profit 501 c(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible. 

Your support helps to make our Jazz Education Program objectives a reality....

1.  To provide a basis for the understanding of authentic jazz - New Orleans' unique contribution to world culture.


2.  To honor the memory of Louis Armstrong as a symbol of the potential of any individual to overcome social and economic obstacles in achieving success.


3.  To establish a clear academic definition of authentic jazz... as demonstrated in the early recordings of Louis Armstrong c. 1922-1927.


4. To encourage young people to learn to recognize and play authentic jazz thru the use of records, digital resource materials, and exposure to guest artists and live music.


5.  To make available historical photographic images and artifacts in displays that will provide links to our Louisiana heritage.


6.  To implement a program designed to produce "Junior Ambassadors" for the State of Louisiana, as well as nationally, and internationally following in the tradition of "Satchmo" himself.


7.  To create a traveling exhibit/lecture/concert presenting the life and music of Louis Armstrong.


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