Westbank Creole Jubilee

The “West Bank Creole Jubilee” is a series of special programs designed to address the peoples need for Music, Dance, Health Consciousness, and a general need to come together as family to enjoy the Loving Spirit of St. John Parish.


We call to action all non-profit organizations, businesses, agencies, schools, universities and the like, to join us in educating, promoting, and promulgating the rich cultural history of St. John Parish, St James Parish, and we welcome any of the River Parishes along the Westbank to participate.


The “West Bank Creole Jubilee” is dedicated to exposing the art, culture, tradition, and academics of the river parishes, in addition to the various health & fitness programs/activities offered through the Louis Armstrong Foundation. Inc.


The Louis Armstrong Foundation. Inc. invites you to become a Sponsor, Supporter, and/or Volunteer for the “West Bank Creole Jubilee”.