New Orleans JAZZ Arts Gallery:

Welcome to the NOLA Jazz Arts Gallery. Unlike any other gallery, or museum in the city of New Orleans, the NOLA Jazz Arts Gallery combines the history, culture, and musical traditions of New Orleans into a visual experience like no other.


The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. in partnership with St. Joe Lofts, and the artist in residence have created a one of a kind art gallery experience in the heart of New Orleans thriving Arts District.


Come explore and learn the history of New Orleans gift to world culture by fully certified Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. - Cultural Ambassadors. 


The NOLA Jazz Art Gallery presents the very best of New Orleans Local Artist, along with the historical Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. “Jazz the First Days” exhibit in a fully curated experience designed to showcase the creativity, and rich cultural tapestry that is uniquely New Orleans.

Harris Parson, Curator of the New Orleans Jazz Arts Gallery, and Cultural Ambassador for the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc.


New Orleans at the turn of the century experienced a unique set of circumstances unlike any city in America. The great plantations up and down the Mississippi River began to fold and thousands of plantation workers arrived in the city with their dreams, determined to create a better life for themselves. Housing was scarce, work became a privileged endeavor for only a few. The streets were crowded with natives, immigrants, seamen, trappers, gamblers, musicians, planters, American, and European scholars, huddled all together creating a venturous frontier atmosphere. 

 It was in this vacillatory setting that Buddy Bolden discovered and harnessed the free spirit of Jazz. This spirit was quick to spread throughout the city. Uptown, Downtown, people were dancing everywhere. For twenty years, the free spirit of jazz flourished in New Orleans Musicians like Joe Oliver, Papa Jack Laine, Buddy Petit, Bunk Johnson, Freddie Keppard, Larry and Harry Shields, Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet all contributed to this wondrous developing art form.

With the closing of Storyville in 1917 musicians began leaving New Orleans for cities throughout the country and abroad: London, England; Paris, France; Hamburg, Germany; each taking a small part of the spirit with them.  When Buddy Bolden harnessed the glorious spirit of New Orleans jazz it was with a very unique set of tools; so unique that without their presence it is impossible to recreate the sounds needed to invoke the spirit. Cornet, clarinet, trombone, banjo, bass violin, drums, each one representing one or more aspects of the human spirit.  When properly synchronized in a New Orleans fashion, the sound these instruments create will compel your spirit to soar. Like the voices of Congo Square, the cornet leads, the clarinet answers, the banjo struts, the trombone moans, the bass violin dances, while the drum drives the pulse.

Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong

(1900 - 1971)

Best known of all Jazz Musicians. A true genius on trumpet who influenced all Jazz after 1920.

The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. wish to share with you the historical beginning  through this traveling photographic exhibit with text to be displayed in public places free and open to the public.  Available for schools - three week stay only exhibit .


Eddie Edwards, President

Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc.

George Vitale"Papa Jack" Laine

(1873 - 1966)

"Papa Jack" Laine was sometimes referred to as "The Father of White Jazz". His life span covered the first 75 years of the music.

Reliance Brass Band


Jack Laine ran a number of bands under the Reliance name. Seated left to right: Manuel Belasco, Guiseppe Allessandra. Standing left to right: Dave Perkins, Vincent Barrocca, Sidney Moore, Pete Pellegrini, Freddie Neuroth, Jack Laine.

King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band


King Oliver and his Creole Jazz Band began performing at the Royal Gardens cabaret (later renamed the Lincoln Gardens). In addition to Oliver on cornet, the personnel included his protégé Louis Armstrong on second cornet, Baby Dodds on drums, Johnny Dodds on clarinet, Lil Hardin (later Armstrong's wife), on piano, Honoré Dutrey on trombone, and William Manuel Johnson on bass.

Charles "Buddy" Bolden

(1877 - 1931)

Considered by many to be "The First Jazz Man." His peak years were 1904 - 1906, when he was the original King of New Orleans horn players.

Piron and Williams Orchestra


The ultimate band that never toured America or Europe but should have. Standing left to right: Jimmie Noone, William "Bebe" Ridgley, Oscar "Papa"Celestine, Johnny Lindsay. Seated left to right: Ernest "Ninesse" Trepagnier, Armand J. Piron, Tom Benton, Johnny St. Cyr. Seated in front: Clarence Williams.

Red Hot Peppers


This was a recording band led by pianist Jelly Roll Morton. Left to right: Andrew Hillaire, Kid ory, George Mitchell, John Lindsay, Jelly Roll Morton, Johnny St. Cyr, Omer Simeon