Jelly Roll Morton

One of the great legends of Jazz, Pianist, Composer, and Leader, Ferdinand La Mothe

"Jelly Roll Morton". He spent the early 1900's in New Orleans. This is his 1926 recording band

the "Red Hot Peppers"

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For 32 years the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. has accomplished it's mission through the creation of:


1) An annual series of programs that bring Jazz historians, Jazz scholars, and Jazz researchers in direct contact with students, teachers, and the general public.

2) A traveling photographic exhibit with text to be displayed in public places free and open to the public.  Available for schools - three week stay only.

Jazz Lecture Series at the Old US Mint, New Orleans, La.

Louis Armstrong Foundation,Inc. Jazz Gallery at the New Orleans Center.


 6) A two hour Jazz Clinic for students of any grade level. One hour of Jazz history. One hour of live performance to be held weekly at the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. Jazz Theater. Louisiana State Museum and/or Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. Jazz Gallery.


7) A permanent photographic exhibit placed at the Louis Armstrong Airport free and open to traveler's viewing.

8) A Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. "Jazz Journal" filled with valuable jazz information both past and present that will serve the need of members, students, and researchers and the general population. 

3) A Jazz Center fully staffed with professional Jazz musicians capable of teaching their art form to students of any grade level.


4) A Jazz Theater that provide a means for young and old aspiring Jazz producers to present new and untried productions.


5) A permanent Jazz Gallery free and open to the public, fully equipped with a photographic exhibit depicting more than one hundred years of New Orlreans Jazz history.  A video screen with videos created by the Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. to educate and entertain students and citizens of any social and/or economic level.


New Orleans Jazz Historian, Edwards speak to students at the Jazz Clinic held at the the Old U.S. Mint, New Orleans, La.


9) A series of Outreach Programs that will provide additional support to our mission:


Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. "Golden Horn Award"

Jazz Exhibit at the New Orleans International Airport