Louis Armstrong Video Collection

"Mr. Armstrong proved that Jazz could supersede all social, racial, and economic barriers and serve as a catalyst for better human relationships throughout the world. Through dedication to his art form and universal love for his fellow man, Mr. Armstrong earned the position of natonal hero." 

Eddie Edwards, President/CEO

Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc.


What a Wonderful World

Louis Armstrong

A Rapsody in Blue




Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans

Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong


The Blues Are Brewin

Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong


Skeleton in the Closet

from "Pennies from Heaven"


Where the Blues were Born

in New Orleans


Dixie Music Man 

Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong

New Orleans (1947)




Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong (scenes) (1947)


Billie Holiday & Louis Armstrong (Movie)


How Jazz was Born (1948)

Movie excerpt from "A Song is Born"

That's My Desire


La Route Du Bonhear 1952 (excerpt)

Louis Armstrong, Sidney Bechet,

Cozy Cole, D'jango Reinhart

Louis Satchmo Armstrong Talks About Playing in Europe and for the Royal Family, 1956

Louis Armstrong in Ghana - 1956

Florence Sando Manson

KDKA 1958

Louis Armstrong & Eddie Fisher


Mack the Knife

Louis Armstrong, London, England 1956

High Society

(Movie excerpt)(1956)



LA; ABC-TV(1959/9/29,)

Interview №1. San Francisco TV


Interview №2. San Francisco TV


Black and Blue

Berlin, Gernany (1965)

Louis Armstrong & His All Stars 

Live In Berlin (1965)

Dean Martin 


Louis Armstrong All Stars

concert in Budapest pt. I


Sleepy Time Down South

Louis Armstrong in Berlin Germany


Bell Telephone Hour

Jazz,The Intimate Art


The Flip Wilson Show


The Pearl Bailey Show (ABC) (TV)

January 23, 1971

A Kiss to Build a Dream On


What's my Line?

Mar. 14, 1954

Mack the Knife


The Edsel Show


Up the Lazy River & Tiger Rag


Interview №3 San Francisco TV


Louis Armstrong All Stars

concert in Budapest pt. II


Louis Armstrong & Jimmy Durante sing Old Man Tim, May 1, 1965

The Johnny Cash Show

(October 28, 1970)

When the Saints go Marching In

Basin Street

Louis Armstrong

Hello Dolly

Louis Armstrong 

"When You're Smiling"

The Louis Armstrong Foundation, Inc. is a Civic, Non-Profit Organization

"Jass Giving Back".